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Carl Denton

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Dear Sir,
We would like to ask you to cease bothering our pest control specialists, as well as refrain from sending us any more of your highly inappropriate letters (I'll have you know that my mother is a respectable woman and does not take kindly to such accusations). All of our employees that visited your house reported absolutely no signs of a rodent infestation of any kind, and us such decided not to act further than a prophylactic spraying.
Please treat this letter as a final warning or else the next envelope you'll receive will be from our lawyers.
With best regards,
Carl Denton
Pesky Pests Pacification co.


Мы хотели бы попросить вас более не беспокоить наших специалистов по борьбе с вредителями, а также более не писать нам письма неприемлемого содержания (утверждаю, что моя мать уважаемая женщина и совершенно не заслуживает подобных обвинений). Все наши работники, посещавшие ваш дом, подтверждают абсолютное отсутствие каких-либо признаков грызунов любых видов. И, соответственно, мы решили не применять ничего, кроме профилактического спрэя.
Прошу рассматривать данное письмо, как последнее предупреждение, или следующий конверт вы получите от нашего юриста.
С наилучшими пожеланиями,
Карл Дентон
Компания Пески Пестс Пасификейшн

Letter - Carl Denton

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Liam Brickstone

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My Dear Friend,
Let me ask You one simple question: have you completely lost your God damn mind?!
Iknow you're going through some hard times right now, I really do that's why I agreed to let you do those illustrations in the first place, for old times sake. I even deliberately gave you a tricial task, because I expected "Little Red Riding Hood" to be something you can draw in your sleep. What I didn't expect is to get this demented nightmare fuel submitted for a kids' bedtime story! There is no way in hell I'm using this and I already regret agreeing to a payment in advance. Please, get you shit together.
Your old pal,
Liam Brickstone
Papyrus Publishings Ltd.

Мой дорогой друг,

позволь задать тебе один простой вопрос: ты, черт возьми, лишился рассудка?!
Я знаю, что ты переживаешь сложные времена, я действительно знаю, и именно поэтому, например, я согласился, чтобы ты нарисовал те иллюстрации – в знак нашей старой дружбы. Более того, я сознательно дал тебе простейшее задание, потому что ожидал, что «Красная шапочка» - это то, что ты сможешь нарисовать с закрытыми глазами. Чего я точно не ожидал, так это сумасшедший кошмар, претендующий на роль детской сказки на ночь!
Выбора нет, гори оно все в аду, я использую эти иллюстрации! И уже сожалею о согласии на предоплату... Пожалуйста, разберись со своим дерьмом.
Твой старый друг,
Лиам Брикстоун
ООО Папирус Паблишингс

Letter - Liam Brickstone

The original letter

William H. Green, MD While I can certainly understand that you are upset and I have nothing but sympathy for your wife and yourself, I must categorically state that I do not wish to receive any further correspondence from you in this matter. Any skin graft procedure is extremely complicated and inherently associated with the risk of failure. Having stated that, I assure you that me and my colleagues at St. Anne have made every effort to ensure a positive outcome for your wife. Personally speaking, I believe we have done the best job possible considering the extent to your opinion and I can certainly understand your disappointment. What I do not understand is how you seem to think writing hateful letters to me, or my fellow doctors will ameliorate the situation. As I've already stated, I can certainly understand you've been under a lot of stress as of late, and thus I will not press charges IF you refrain from any future correspondence. Let me make it absolutely clear that I will not tolerate any further threats aimed at my staff, my family, or myself. If you wish to seek psychological help, I can have my assistant provide contact information of several specialists who would be more than competent to help you get through these hard times.
With regards and best wishes for you and your wife.

William H. Green, MD

Letter - William H. Green, MD

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Robert Richards, MD

Dear Sir,
If I am to be honest, I can't say your letter was unexpected. Numerous colleagues have informed me that you had previously sought their advice in this matter and while it is perfectly understandable for a patient to demand a second opinion, I would think sixteen concurring opinions would be enough. Still, out of respect for you and your wife, I have examined the case thoroughly and I have to concur with my colleagues. Involuntary muscle spasms are not uncommon with patients who have suffered burns as severe as your wife did. What you refer to as a "freakish grin" or an "unnerving yelp" (though many whould find such expressions hurtful) could indeed be manifestations of nerve damage. The other symptoms you mention do not seem to be physiological, but rather purely psychological in nature. Traumatic events can lead to severe stress and that is nothing to be ashamed of. As to your demand that we "fix" your wife, you have to understand that what she went through cannot be undone with one simple procedure. It is a long, arduous process, that will require all your strenght and support. Please, feel free to contact me, or my colleagues, should you wish to discuss a long-term rehabilitation program.
Robert Richards, MD

Letter - Robert Richards, MD

The original letter

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