Пожар произошёл по причине возгорания проводки. Большой поток посетителей магазина под воздействием паники превратил аварийные выходы из здания в переполненные смертельные ловушки. Пренебрежение техникой безопасности привело к гибели 37 человек, а также 243 человека получили увечья.

Galactic's grand opening in flames.
Disastrous fire at the new department store kills dozens, injures hundreds.

The long awaited opening of the Galactic department store turned into hell on earth when the building's wiring burst into flames. The ensuing panic forced many of the visitors to gather by the emergency exits, which in the end turned into overcrowded deathtraps. By the end of the day the catastrophic disregard for safety procedures claimed the lives of 37 people, leaving 243 injured. The police is currently conducting an investigation as to who is responsible for this disaster. The owner of the Galactic - Ronald - Sheffield - refused to comment on the matter.

Galactic's Grand Opening in Flames
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