The Painter, while wandering the house, collects his drawings with rats in various predicaments. Typically there are phrases like "diseased" "vile" "filthy" scrawled onto them. He believes these rats are trying to harm him, and takes extreme measures such as property destruction, self-mutilation, isolation to stop them.

Picking these up will add points to the Selfish/Self-portrait ending.

Trivia Edit

  • Notes left by exterminators hired to clean the house state that they could not find any signs of pests, despite being hired multiple times. The Painter is likely hallucinating the rat infestation. He believes that the rats are the cause for his declining mental and physical health. The rats are likely a manifestation of his schizophrenia.

List of reported scrawlingsEdit

  • Body Borrowers
  • Dust Mice
  • Prothesis Snatchers
  • Screeching Arsonists (The Library, Iteration 1)
  • Lice Mice (The Bedroom, Iteration 3)
  • Minced Mice
  • Floor Creepers
  • Dangling Dread (The Basement, Iteration 3)
  • Flapping Horror (The Dining Room)
  • Rodent Seeds
  • Canvas Crawlers
  • Silent Floaters (The Bathroom)
  • Haunting Mimics
  • Fluffy Fakers (The Nursery after vision)
  • Plague Breeder
  • Vermin Groth

Images Edit

Fluffy Fakers
Vermin Groth..
Plague Breeder... Heh. This one was hidden well.
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