The Artist's Bedroom is the location for a key artifact in the game, the Vial of Blood. This master bedroom used to be the sleeping quarters for both the Artist and his Wife, but after her accident the Wife became the sole occupant.

Iteration 0 Edit

  • The room is neglected but normal. In the center of the room is a gramophone. The protagonist has to find the record and the crank to progress.

Iteration 1 Edit

  • The gramophone, if the lever on the back isn't selected by the player, is set backwards. After the player winds the crank the room appears to melt, sealing off the door. The vial of blood rolls out from under the bed, which is a necessary part of the Magnum Opus

Iteration 2 Edit

  • Selecting the lever on the back of the gramophone and setting it to play the record forwards, transforms the room back to its original plat form

Symbolism Edit

  • The room contains a violin, which sparks a memory by the Artist who prevents his recovering wife from playing so she could heal her scars. The record player could represent the Artist's desire to reverse his Wife's condition after the accident.
  • The Vial of Blood could mean that the bedroom was the location where the Artist drained the blood from his Wife's corpse, creating a dye to use for his paint.
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