The Elevator is a recurring room in Layers of Fear. It is visited several times throughout the game, and though its appearance does not change, the destinations shown vary greatly.

The Illusion of Choice Edit

The elevator is one of the few rooms that give the player the illusion of choice, which raises the question as to the existence of branching paths through the game. Since each trip in the elevator is only made once, and paths through the house are not repeated, it's difficult to determine if the elevator's destinations change based on whether the player elects to go up or down.

Symbolism Edit

  • The Elevator was built into the house as a way for the Artist, who has a prosthetic leg, to move around the building comfortably. The Elevator transports the protagonist to a variety of locations around the mansion, guiding him along his path to finish his Magnum Opus.
  • The Elevator is one of the few places where the Wife becomes actively hostile. She stop the elevator mid-level, climbs onto the top of the roof, and after opening the maintenance hatch she crashes the lift to the bottom. This could represent his inability to escape the reality of his Wife's physical condition.