The Kitchen is a key room in Layers of Fear, visited a few times.

Iteration 0Edit

The first time, in Iteration 0, the room is brightly lit and contains many items of food as well as a lar
ge still life painting and a pantry.

Iteration 1Edit

It looks very similar in Iteration 1, except it is here that the Artist is subjected to one of the first major hallucinations and can find the first key item, the Scrap of Skin.

Iteration 6Edit

The Kitchen also appears during the Game of Checkers sequence, in chapter 6. Here, it is warped as part of the main room, and gradually becomes more grotesque as the game progresses. In the kitchen, you will find a weight and a checkers piece. You must find these items to progress this area.

Symbolism Edit

  • The kitchen introduces the player to the Artist's increasingly obvious mental health problems. The knife thrown at the player in one of the hallucinations could represent the Wife's resentment of her treatment by her husband. The rats traps in the kitchen, while at first seem reasonable, increase in later iterations as his obsession with finding them grows. The food in the kitchen also rots away due the artist's obsession with his Magnum Opus even at the cost of his own physical health. He also believes that some of the food is contaminated due to the imagined rat infestation in his home. In a grocery list picked up later in the game, he decides to ignore buying food entirely and only purchases alcohol.
  • Since the Scrap of Skin was found in the Kitchen, it is possible that the Wife's body was flayed in the kitchen as a canvas for his Magnum Opus.