Overview Edit

The locket cabinet has 6 locked sections. They are unlocked as various iterations of the house are completed. It is located in the Studio.

Cubby #1 Edit


A piece of skin on a hook. The message reads as follows.

"First I looked for a canvas. Not just any canvas. I had to find a knife. Not one of the bread ones. It needed to be sharp as a razor. So I used a razor in fact, then carefully flayed the skin. Booze helped keep my hand steady."

Cubby #2 Edit

A vial of blood. The message reads as follows.

"I needed a jar and a plastic tubing. I siphoned gas before. I knew how it was done. I stuck the tube in a vein and sucked on it until blood filled my mouth. I then put the tube in a jar and it just kept coming. The taste of copper haunted me the entire night. Why didn't I think of a syringe?!"

Cubby #3 Edit

A box containing a shattered bone. The message reads as follows.

"I needed to remove the flesh from the bone. At first I was lost as to how. But then I sawed it off with a hand saw. Boiled it. Then put the bone in a mortar. I had to get one. Obviously this was not something I've done before. Finally I mixed the dust with some white paint. It made for a lovely undercoat."

Cubby #4 Edit

A lock of human hair. The message reads as follows.

"This was a special brush. Like a horse hair brush but different. At that point I hesitated. Will this really work? Fuck it. I was already half way through and besides, it's not like I can just put it all back and forget the whole thing."