The Nursery is a key room in the house, so far encountered twice. The first time, in Iteration 0, it is empty


and dark. In this iteration, it can be found at the end of the 2nd floor hallway.

However, it is a key room in Iteration 4, and a key item can be discovered here after an intense hallucination sequence.

The Nursery is encountered for the last time in the Final Iteration when the player is finding pieces to a game of checkers.

Symbolism Edit

The hallucinations and artifacts in the nursery depict the Artist's declining mental health after the accident, and his increasingly hostile behavior towards his wife and child. While at first he doted on his child, after the accident he became psychologically abusive. He threw some of her toys away since (according to a rat scrawling) he thought they being replaced by camouflaged rats. He began to train her in painting and music, and yelled at her for failing to learn quickly enough. While the child's grades in her art and music classes were good, the rest of her schoolwork declined. The Artist's alcoholism worsened his neglect of his child, and eventually led to at least one incident of physical abuse. This behavior led to the child's removal from the house and put her in The St. Marlin Home for Problem Children, and a deepening sense of guilt in the Artist.

Trivia Edit

  • The nursery rhyme that appears in the Artist's hallucinates seems to change depending on the player's actions and the type of ending that will be received.