The Studio is the first recurring room within the house and the workplace of the Artist.

In The Studio, we find The Rat Scrawlings, The Magnum Opus, and The Locked Cabinet.  These elements, and the contents are always changing based on the players actions.  There are many varies to come across.

Iterations of the Studio Edit

We see several iterations. Some, with bright paint everywhere. Some with faded colors and ruined walls. Here a few we have encountered thus far, each associated to a version of The Magnum Opus.

  • Standard (Empty Canvas)
  • Dark 1 (Blood Flamingos)
  • Dark 2 (Melting Face)
  • Dark 3 (Scatted Flesh)
  • Dark 4 (Burn Victim)
  • Dark 5 (The Masterpiece)

The standard version of The Studio.

At first, the studio seems bare and forgotten. Papers appear scattered on the floor but nothing looks like it's been used in a while.

The second iteration of the studio contains only the Magnum Opus, the Locked Cabinet and the door, with all other areas of the room in deep shadow.

In later iterations, large sections of wall and floorboards are removed (as the Artist hunts for rats) and various other changes are made.

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