The Study, also referred to as The Office, is the personal office of the Artist. It is a medium sized room containing many bookshelves, several cabinets and a large desk at the center.

Alternate Forms Edit

In Iteration 4, a phone puzzle is found here. During this sequence, you must find a ringing phone hidden in the office. After finding it, and a short call from your wife, you need to find a number (hidden something around The Study) and call it from the phone.

Some time after this phone puzzle is solved, the office transforms subtly, in such a way that when the player looks up, the room seems to be infinitely tall, stretching into darkness.

Items of InterestEdit

Iteration 0

Iteration 4

  • In one of the desk drawers, a dead rat can be found, which fades out of existence.
  • In another drawer, a newspaper clipping about the Babyface painting can be found.