The Workshop is something of a Hub room during the game proper, within the house of the Painter.

In The Workshop, we find The Rat Scrawlings, The Magnum Opus, Mementos, and The Locked Cabinet.  

Iterations of the Workshop Edit

There are six different versions of the Workshop.

  • Standard (Blank Canvas)
  • Dark 1 (Bloody Flamingos)
  • Dark 2 (Scorpion)
  • Dark 3 (Fish)
  • Dark 4 (Rotted Corpse)
  • Dark 5 (Rotted Wife and Child)
  • Dark 6 (The Masterpiece)

The standard version of The Workshop.

Completion of each chapter will cause the Workshop to change slightly in appearance, with only key elements of the room (Rat Scrawlings, Mementos, Locked Cabinet, the Easel) left untouched.

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